Murmurous Silence

Murmurous Silence

MurMurous Silence was a co-production between Wonderland and As-If Productions from Taiwan for the 2004 Dublin Fringe Festival. It was inspired by the experience of the performer Hsin-I Lin’s mother during the Japanese colonisation of Taiwan and Taiwan’s subsequent fragile independence from China. MurMurous Silence was a theatrical experiment between Lin and sound artist An-Chih Tsai. Tsai’s 3D sound space interacted with giant shadow shows and Lin’s solo acting performance, so as to lead the audience through a journey of sensory experiences and personal memory.

As-If Productions are minting a nuanced vocabulary of performance.

Peter Crawley, The Irish Times

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The Company
Performer and Director: Hsin-I Lin
Sound Performance: An-Chich Tsai
Producer and Irish Liaison: Alice Coghlan (Wonderland Productions Ltd.)


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