Gulliver’s Travels

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After Gulliver is shipwrecked, he travels to extraordinary countries and experiences fantastical adventures. Swift’s work is full of sharp wit, comedy and wonderful fantasy, and his storytelling talent ensured his work became a classic of children’s literature.

An ensemble cast of five brought this classic to life, playing multiple roles and enlivening their characters with costume, physical theatre, inventive design, live music and puppetry. They invited their audience to imagine the giants of Brobdingnag and the tiny Lilliputians, talking horses and scenes of shipwreck. Wonderland’s Gulliver’s Travels is a triumph of the theatrical imagination, engaging and inspiring children and adults alike.

Gulliver’s Travels was performed at the Mermaid Arts Centre, Bray
(15th – 18th December 2010), Smock Alley Theatre , Dublin (3rd – 22nd January 2011), Riverbank Arts Centre, Newbridge (12th March 2011), and Town Hall Theatre, Galway
(23rd and 24th March 2011).

“excellent…the audience were enraptured, children and adults alike”


“Bravo Alice Coghlan and Wonderland – hugely ambitious…eye catching … impressive”

Irish Theatre Magazine


“Sarah Kinlen has a wonderfully realised gamut of characters”

Metro Herald


“fast-moving, funny…the audience really feel part of our hero’s journey.”

The Sunday Tribune

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The show was adapted and directed by Wonderland’s Artistic Director Alice Coghlan, in association with Mermaid Arts Centre. For more details on the show, its cast, production team and originating text view the Gulliver’s Travels Programme.

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