James Joyce’s Dubliners Audio Walking Tour

“I’m transported to a different world. Flickering all around me, in this other universe, are the sounds of James Joyce’s Dublin, from church bells to Victorian parlour songs. And inside my head are the rhythms and cadences of Joyce’s Dubliners …. you’re listening to beautifully written, beautifully performed stories through headphones…Layers of history peel away from buildings as you pass. The overwhelming impression left by this tour is one of pulsating life. It’s a joyous celebration not just of Joyce but of parts of Dublin that many natives, never mind tourists, rarely see…Joyce would love it.”
– Arminta Wallace, the Irish Times


“The tour is extremely impressive… A tiny little mp3 player holds some beautiful recordings of these fabulous stories. Slipping on your headphones and heading out onto these historical streets, you are immersed deep into each story…” – Kate O’Connor,


“An accomplished adaptation…a treat for any fan.” – The Sunday Times


“Dubliners: An Audio Tour is a terrific idea, well executed….it is difficult to think of a writer whose work would suit the format more than Joyce.”         – Sara Keating, Sunday Business Post


“a quality piece of work, and a real addition to the city’s Joycean scene. Both as a way to see Dublin with fresh eyes and as an enjoyable recounting of the stories from Dubliners, this is a winner.”
– Dave Madden,


“walking the streets of Joyce’s Dublin has a transporting effect that stays with you…. I can’t think of a much better way to celebrate this monumental year for James Joyce, or indeed to spend a sunny Saturday in our fair city.”


“If there’s any justice, this invigorating tour will become just as essential as the book that inspired it”
– Daragh Reddin, Metro Herald



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Sylvia’s Quest

“I loved it…. Its use of technology and contribution to immersive theatre are commendable – but most of all Sylvia’s Quest is a lot of fun.” – Dublin Culture


“Bulgarian actress Elitsa Dimova deserves a medal for her performance as the titular character…. her craft in weaving a character that is at once sweet but also dark and potentially dangerous is impressive.” – The Herald Dubliner


“One of the most curious theatrical events you’re likely to experience. Dimova shows remarkable skill as a performer…” –


“The dancing sequence is really wonderfully portrayed” – The Public Reviews


“Ambitious and imaginative…worthy and intriguing… Dimova delivers a graceful performance … the audio performers sketch hauntingly vivid personalities”  – Irish Theatre Magazine


“I loved it right from the start, we’re no longer audience, we’re friends, joining this spirited lady on her spiritual, magical, dancing quest. And its appeal for humanity ancient and modern is profound” – Dublin City FM


“Theatre alive and dangerous! Very innovative. Dimova as Sylvia is excellent. She goes through any and every emotion, and you have so much empathy for her.” – Phoenix FM.


“the portrayal of homesickness and isolation is remarkably arresting, not to mention the incidental highlighting of a dominant country’s ignorance.” – the Sunday Times


“Sylvia’s Quest is a brilliantly performed play. It will urge you to look again at the world you know through an immigrant’s eyes and face their fears and aspirations that some of us take for granted.” –


“a cleverly crafted, engaging, and touching production.” –
“a highly skilled production…by the time her journey comes to a close the audience are spellbound” – Leinster Leader



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Jonathon Swift’s Gulliver’s Travels

“excellent…the audience were enraptured, children and adults alike” –


“Bravo Alice Coghlan and Wonderland – hugely ambitious…eye catching … impressive” – Irish Theatre Magazine


“Sarah Kinlen has a wonderfully realised gamut of characters” – Metro Herald


“the civilised horse people, with its robust comedy style makes for an immediate appeal.” – Irish Mail on Sunday


“fast-moving, funny…the audience really feel part of our hero’s journey.” – The Sunday Tribune



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Oscar Wilde’s The Picture of Dorian Gray

“As an adaptation it’s superb…very distinctive…surprisingly intense…enjoyable, well-acted and novel….Wilde plus Bewley’s is a great combination” – Dublin


“utterly enjoyable…the perfect accompaniment to a two-course meal in Bewleys on a beautiful spring evening”-


“Flawlessly executed, commanding performances”  The Dubliner  


“An exquisite adaptation” – The Sunday Times


“Must-see theatre” –


“It is an invigorating, luxurious piece of drama” n- Totally Dublin


“Winder is perfectly cast as lord snooty Dorian” – Metro Herald    


“The actors play wonderfully….Catch this classic while you still can” – Le Cool


“Excellent adaptation of the book for the stage…'” – Irish Theatre Magazine


“Wonderland makes your imagination come to life…you need to go and see it and prepare to be enthralled by it” – Dublin City FM


“This afternoon delight is just wonderful”-


“A cracking cast” – The Independent


“A tactile immersive experience” – The Sunday Times



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 La Locandiera


“A memorable theatrical experience”- Three Weeks, Edinburgh Fringe 


“An innovative and highly entertaining evening of revelry, fine wine, great food and interesting company” – Fringe Guru, Edinburgh Fringe


‘The whole cast are delightful’ – The Skinny, Edinburgh Fringe


“An immensely enjoyable experience” – Fringe Review, Edinburgh Fringe


“Pure entertainment” – Irish Mail on Sunday


“Hugely entertaining” – Sunday Business Post


“An exuberant battle of the sexes” – Metro


“Connolly Heron, as the Ulster Gentleman, is terrific” – The Irish Times



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 Brendan Beehan’s The Hostage


“Without any risk of overstatement, Wonderland Productions is a company that is really going places. A plucky, ideas-driven and indefatigable theatre group, they have had no easy access to conventional venues and have learned to improvise handsomely, staging their works in various site-specific venues.” – The Irish Times


“Rarely was a company so aptly named” – Centre Stage, Dublin City FM


“Delivered with such exhilarating enthusiasm” – The Irish Mail on Sunday


“Terrific direction and choreography by Alice Coghlan” – The Sunday Independent


“A worthy triumph of the imagination” – The Sunday Times


“What a great choice of play for Wonderland to take on…the site-specificness is wonderful and the music works so well” -Lyric FM Artszone


“Highly recommended” – Dublin City FM


“One not to miss” – The Independent


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Pagliacci (or The Clowns)


“a triumph…funny, poignant and beautifully sung. Pagliacci is going to be a hit.” – The Dubliner


“a show that should charm opera sceptics and delight the faithful…releases all the tempestuousness of the story like a controlled tragi-comic explosion” – Daily Mail        


“A lunchtime treat …this inventive production has style and verve” – Sunday Business Post    



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Life Shop Till You Drop!


“Hilarious – the overriding tone is light and fun, thanks to Alice Coghlan’s wonderfully feel-good script and Reid’s ability to inhabit a number of comic characters” – Dublin Metro       


“Coghlan’s clever script and pitch perfect self-help jargon are a delight”  -Sunday Tribune


“Reid plays Ailish with comic versatility, generating continuous laughter” -The Irish Times


“This one-woman farce is a fast paced parody of the self help industry, showing its star’s comic range in male and female characters” –  The Sunday Times


“Brilliant -we laughed ourselves silly” – Kildare FM


“Delicious Froth” – Limerick Post


“Particularly Funny” – Galway Advertiser



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Molière’s The Miser

“Quite simply superb! Witty, wonderful, Wonderland” – The Irish Times  


“A sparkling, fast-paced production with first class acting” – The Irish Mail on Sunday        


“A good-looking boisterous production” – The Daily Mail


“Molière’s great satire is inventively and spiritedly staged” – The Sunday Independent



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 Being Miss Ross

“It is that rare thing in theatre, a play with a lot of head and a lot of heart”  – GCN Magazine



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Molière’s – L’Amour Médecin

“A camp, comedic farce, with lots of laughs along the way” – GCN Magazine

“Excellent vignette performances from its group of white faced actors” – Scene City



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Murmurous Silence


“Between monologue, dance and sound-installation, relations shift shape”                                 –  The Irish Times



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